Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For sure. They will be delivered by courier to your door. Further information on this is provided to you following your order. When you have looked at your scanned files and done a backup it might be time to cull the photos from your home and free up the real estate. Except of course if they are iconic printed photos, such as antiques.

Scanned and Secure offers a trusted, professional, and personal service from as little as 25c per scan. If you only need a small quantity scanned these are 31c.

35mm slides, in larger orders, are 71c. Need higher resolution for big enlargements or you want us to edit and enhance your photos? No problem, just call 02-8003 3039 and we can provide a quote to suit your needs. 

Cost is only one factor when considering scanning. Think about some of these other factors before making your decision.

Yes, you can use your iPhone to scan your prints but we don’t recommend it at all. Well, not if you want to get a good result. We have run testing on phone scanning of photos and compared them with using a professional scanner. The difference is significant! And, it’s not really a time saver. You are way better off using a proper photo scanner.

Simply bundle them up, stacking them one behind the other in a shoebox and send them to us. If you wish to order your photos by events or years, group the photos, then follow the instructions in the GUIDE provided. Photos can be sent by Australia Post or a courier of your choice

Yes, we can. If possible, first remove your photos from the albums. There are tips on youtube to remove photos from adhesive albums from the 70s and 80s. If removing from the album would damage the photos then just send us the album. If you only want to scan a few photos from the album then make it clear which ones by using a coloured dot, or similar, beside the photo. This would be a special order and you would need to email us for quote

If they are in no order at all, that’s fine. They can be sent in slide boxes or any other suitable container. If you want the order of the slides preserved, please number each slide and label the front of each container. There is no extra charge for preserving the order of your slides. We believe all scanning services should offer this. Slides can be sent by Australia Post or a courier of your choice

The easiest and best value way to place an order is by using our “scan prints” checkout cart or our “scan slides” checkout cart. If your needs lie outside these offers please email us and we can discuss your order that way.

Absolutely! We have a lot of experience in this area. And sitting back and watching something filmed 30 years ago come to life on your TV is worth the effort of doing it right. So email us and about your needs, and we will ensure you get a great result. Prices start at $15 a tape.

90% of all jobs are completed within a week. For scanning numbering “thousands” allow a few more days.

We scan all sorts of photos, including black and whites, antique photos, small, big! Our package deals are for regular size photos (eg 4×6, 5×7) which can be grouped together. So if you have irregular sizing, please email us with details and we will give you a great price.


Our standard resolution, known as ppi (pixels per inch) is 300 for prints and 3200 for slides. Unlike negatives and slides, 300ppi extracts as much information as you can get from a printed photograph. So a photo scanned at 300ppi will be able to be printed to the same size of the original without any quality loss. There is a perception in some places that 600ppi is “better”. For that reason, if you’d prefer to have your photos scanned at 600ppi we can do that. However, the only time we recommend scanning at 600ppi is when scanning small, older, black and white images. Special antique photos are best scanned as tif files @600ppi. This allows for maximum editing options within Photoshop.


3200ppi (optical) is our recommendation for slides. This enables great detail to be extracted from the slide. You can go higher (for example 4000 or 4800), but there comes a point when you can go beyond what is optimum. 3200 is considered ‘high res’ and will produce an amazing enlargement (from a good slide). Unique slides are often scanned in tif to provide maximum flexibility in the edit suite.

Yes we can. The work involved in a producing a great photobook is very intensive. For that reason you can expect to pay around $500 for design and printing per book. However, if you were wanting 10 or more we can offer you a great price. Please email us

Good question! If you don’t feel you can trust the scanning service you are researching you should not use them. We treat your photos as if they were our own. We NEVER ship them overseas to be scanned using cheap labour. We use trusted and reliable national courier service to return photos to you. We only handle them with gloves, we have years of experience scanning tens of thousands of images, we only use skilled technicians, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, AND, most importantly, you are only a phone call away from talking to a real person about your order.

We love doing these! Just tell us what music you would like and we’ll sort it. These are suitable for funerals, special birthday events, or purely as a keep sake. We can scan the photos or you can provide the digital files. Email us for details

As well as scanning photos and slides, Scanned and Secure can design and produce a photobook for you. We can also turn your VHS videos, VHSc, or DV to digital. We also create slideshows with music. We can also do we call a “magical merge”! This is a fun video where images of portrait photos merge into the next photo down through the years. Perfect for Birthdays. Contact us for any of these extra services.

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