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Are you looking for someone who can scan your prints and slides? Let me introduce myself.

I’m Ian. For 25 years I worked as a church pastor. I had many opportunities to walk alongside people during difficult times. It was a great privilege to have others trust me with their emotions, their stories, their pain, and their joys.

Now being trusted with other people’s photos and slides, I feel that same incredible privilege – to have so earned the trust of others that they would hand over their precious memories for me to digitally archive. When I scan other peoples photos and slides I am helping them secure their legacy and enabling them to share these memories in new forms. This helps to build stronger families and communities.

It would be an honour to help you do these things. 

My experience with photography stretches over 40 years, beginning with instamatic film cameras in the 70s, SLR cameras in the 80s and then digital cameras for the last 25 years. I have done consulting work as a musician, videographer and editor. This work has taken me from the highlands of Papua to the boardrooms of Sydney. I quickly learnt that converting analogue formatted media into a digital form was an essential skill if I was to use footage created pre-digital. Thus began my 20 year journey in digitising photos, slides, video, and more. I have an obsession with excellence and I combine my creative skills to ensure that my work is both artistic and technically sound.

Scan prints and slides with us and experience exceptional service

We commit to providing you with a superior standard of work. We consult very carefully to ensure you get your needs met. And, if you’re not 100% satisfied with the result, we will redo the scan until you are!

We offer photo scanning from 25c and from 75c for high resolution scanning of slides.

Our pricing is bench-marked across the scanning industry. The value of our service is second to none. Before you commit to so-called “cheaper deals” ask the business these questions:

  • Will the exact order of my photos be preserved during the scanning service?
  • Will I receive my scanned picture files correctly rotated?
  • Do you provide the option to scan slides in tiff format?
  • Do you provide creative add-ons like slideshows and photobook design?
  • Is the scanning done by experienced technicians here in Australia?
  • Do you help with cloud-based service as a storage option for my scanned photos?
  • Do you offer special deals for repeat customers?

If they answer “No” to one or more of those questions, then you should consider using Scanned and Secure instead. WHY? Because our answer to all the questions above is a resounding “YES”!

AND, whether you have 10 photos or 10,000 photos to be scanned you can be assured of receiving exceptional service and value.

Do you have a question about our service or scanning in general? Click here to look at our frequently asked questions.

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