Guide to preparing your photos + slides

Preparing Photos

If they are in no order at all, that’s fine. Simply bundle them up, stacking them one behind the other in your box and send them to us. To save us time, please at least sort them by size (Thanks!).

If you wish to order your photos by events or years, group the photos, then separate each group with an index card the size of the photos, one behind the other in the shoebox. The card should be labelled clearly. These cards will be scanned along with the photos. This will be important when you receive your scans because you will be able to place the files into folders of your choosing, using the card information as a guide.

What if my photos are in albums? If you can, remove your photos from the albums. Dental floss / hair dryer can be used to remove photos from adhesive albums from the 70s and 80s. If they cannot be removed from the album then send us the album. Be sure to select the “scan whole album page” on the order form. Don’t attempt to remove old photos from an old album. If you only want to scan a few photos from the album then make it clear which ones by using a coloured dot, or similar, beside the photo.

Preparing Slides

If they are in no order at all, that’s fine. They can be sent in slide boxes or any other suitable container. If you want the order of the slides preserved, please number each slide and and label the front of each container.

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