10 Photobook Ideas that Work

Photobook ideas

So…you are interested in making a photobook but don’t know where to start. Maybe you are looking for some fresh photobook ideas to create new photobooks? Read on…

      When it comes to having enough photos to use in a photobook – we DON’T have a problem.

We have thousands. No…actually…we have tens of thousands to choose from!! 

I’m sure you’ve got photos on phones, on tablets, on memory cards, on CDs, on desktops, on laptops, and on USB sticks – and that’s just your digital photos! You might also have printed photos, or slides, or negatives. These kind of media can be scanned to create digital files.

And we know it would be awesome to use at least some of these photos to design a photobook…but where do you start?? There are so many “possibilities”. 

I am going to give you 10 photobook ideas that work. This will help you in selecting from your vast collection and then you can put a bunch of really great photos into a photobook that you can be proud of.

And, if you are looking for my free Photobook Blueprint where I break down the process of creating a photobook, go HERE.

So let’s get started


Number 1

THE TRAVEL PHOTOBOOK. You might have had 5 or 6 memorable holidays in recent history, but just choose ONE. And don’t try and do an overwhelming 100 page photo book – try 40 pages max. Go for a landscape style photobook and get those great awesome holiday snaps into a memorable and tangible form. Use the Photobook Blueprint to ensure you are using best design techniques and the right ‘photos to page’ ratio.

Number 2

THE WEDDING OR ANNIVERSARY BOOK. Maybe you were married in 1985 or 1995?? Perhaps its time to give those pics that are hidden away somewhere a bit of a refresh, by creating a modern wedding album. Or convert colour photos to black and white. Go for a white background, 12 inch square style book. Also great as an anniversary project, capturing the history of a special relationship. Or, do the same as a gift for someone else – your parents or a sibling.

Number 3

THE TRIBUTE BOOK. This is chosen to honour the life of another person. Perhaps they have passed away or they are having a “big number” type birthday (21, 40, 50, 60….). A photobook is an excellent way to document their life and maybe the special contribution they made. Be sure to collaborate with other family members who will have stories that contribute to the text. Get photos from sources beyond yourself. Fact check it with others before going to print. Create multiple copies as gifts for others. Get older printed photos or slides professionally scanned so that they are ‘photobook ready’. (Tell the scanning person you want a copy of all scans in sRGB, high resolution jpeg). Tribute photobooks are also a great way for elderly people to reminisce about the past and prompt memories and stories.

Number 4

THE TRAVEL SNAPSHOT. This is a variation on idea number 1 and might suit some people who return to the same place for holidays each year. Find ALL photos taken at the one location over a number of years and put those photos into a chronological photobook. Watch your kids grow, page by page. Watch the kind of activities change. Hopefully that little corner store is still there 🙂

Number 5

THE THEME PHOTOBOOK. What do you love? Or, if you are giving a gift, ‘what does the receiver love?’ Perhaps its the water, or music, or flowers, or animals or the colour green, or cafes and big cities! Use that theme as the filter to choose relevant photos and as the glue to hold the album together in a cohesive way. This is a great photobook idea.

Number 6

THE KIDS PHOTOBOOK. And, I don’t mean a book full of photos of your kids. I mean a book intended for the enjoyment of children. I’m sure you’ve had those experiences of sitting on a lounge reading to a child. They are naturally fascinated by the pictures. Why not create your own kids picture-based storybook? Have photos that will capture their attention: family members, pets, themselves at play, eating or sleeping. If you are so inclined you could tell a story from start to finish with simple text. Who knows, this could be the start of your budding publishing career! Investigate having the book printed on heavier paper or card.

Number 7

THE SPECIAL PERSON BOOK. How about photos of you and that special person in your life. Or maybe you have 3 or 4 really close friends and you have spent a lot of time together over the years. Why not have a book that celebrates that friendship. Its nice to think that the crazy face you all pulled, sharing a drink or two together, a day at the beach or at a special event can find new enjoyment by being shared in this way. One photo framed on its own does not have anywhere near the impact as 80 or 100 photos of the same people together in a special book. Makes a great gift.

Number 8

THE SLICE OF HISTORY BOOK. This is excellent as a gift for older people. Perhaps your parents or grandparents have a number of old pics and slides. You get them scanned and then choose a slice of history to focus on in the photobook you will give to them as a gift. For example, “world trip 1975”.

Number 9

THE FAMILY HISTORY BOOK. These days, with the tools we have at our disposal to uncover family history and ancestry, the ‘family history’ photobook is an excellent way of capturing the life and times of your family. Allocate 12 months to do this project really well – unless of course you are already well on the way to having relevant photos. Collaborate closely with others, so that it can be the best kind of family history book you can do. Locate stories that can be shared on the pages of the book. And, when new photos or stories come to light, just do another edition!

Number 10

THE ‘EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY’ BOOK. This book places as much emphasis on story as it does on the photo. It could be the story behind the photo. It could be various people’s memories of that particular photo. You are looking for photos that represent an event, or prompt a story. Select maybe 20 or 30 photos. Choose a photobook company with more sophisticated text/caption features. Use our Photobook Blueprint for other ideas in creating text.

>>>>>>> So, there’s 10 photobook ideas…. And we are only getting warmed up! How did you find the list? Which one have you tried? How did it go? What one would you like to try? Which photobook ideas haven’t been mentioned?

Finally, let me encourage you again to download the free Photobook Blueprint which provides 6 clear steps to creating a great photobook.

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