8mm Film and Super 8mm Film converted to digital

Technology has come a long way since old media started being digitised in the early 2000s. Now in 2020, you can get your old 8mm and Super 8mm movies converted into digital form in HIGH DEFINITION. Lost colour can also be enhanced. These mp4 files can then be seen on your mobile device, shared on social media, put onto DVD, played back on your computer or on the television. The options are vast. 

Family members with a little technical skill (read, “grandkids”) can take those mp4 files and do a fun edit with music, highlighting certain scenes. 

The alternative? Those precious memories will gather dust, get thrown out at some point, and all you’ll be left with is what’s on your phone. And you just might have some difficulty passing that onto the next generation! 

The sample videos below are just some of Scanned and Secure’s recent digitising projects for our clients featuring 8mm and Super 8mm film. They have been grouped into Decades, from the 1960s through to the 1990s. Some very badly damaged, and yet a surprising result was achieved. Select HD to see the video in better quality.

If you would like your films digitised, click HERE for pricing, or give us a call on 02-8003 3039.


Woodchopping at the Easter Show, 1960

Dad returning on the ship from England, 1960

Parents with baby, 1960

Farm Life, 1960 (note: hair or dust across the camera lens)

Princess Margaret’s Wedding, 1960

Coming home from hospital, 1963

First Days, 1968

1969, Man on the Moon


Play Equipment, 1970

Fishing with Grandad, 1972

New Zealand family holiday, 1977

Swimming Carnival, 1979


Wedding, 1980

Cruise aboard the Sea Princess, 1981

Sailing on Kogarah Bay, 1981

Sydney from Harbour Bridge, 1982

Wedding, 1983


Boy in park, 1993

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